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Mobile Valeting & Detailing in London

Ultimate Pre-Sale Car Valet

Medusa Auto Detailing provides professional mobile valeting and detailing services in London. We specialize in end of lease car valets, end of car lease cleaning, and pre-sale valets to ensure your vehicle looks its best.


Below is a detailed breakdown of the steps we carry out when completing our mobile end of lease car cleaning at your home or work.

Upholstery Shampoo & Sealant
Tyre Dressing
Deep Vacuum
Wheel Arches Deep Clean
Machine Paint Correction – 2 panels
Mirco Scratch & Scruff Removal
Leather Conditioner
Trim Conditioner
Hybrid Ceramic Wax
Engine bay Deep Clean
Vehicle Deodorization

What’s included


  • Snow foam two-bucket hand wash.
  • Wheels fully decontaminated including the inner rim.
  • Tar deposits chemically removed from the paintwork.
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned with detail spray.
  • Paintwork hand polished/ hand waxed/ Hand glazed – This temporarily fills in any minor scratches and swirl marks that make even the cleanest car look tired
  • Micro scratch & scruff removal – Correct the paintwork on two panels of your choice.
  • Engine bay deep cleaned and dressed.
  • Tyres dressed.
  • Windows polished.
  • Plastic trim dressed.
  • Chrome polished.


  • Litter and loose dirt removed
  • Mats removed and shampooed
  • Interior vacuum, including all surfaces, seats and boot
  • Dashboard and door cards cleaned
  • Leather seats deep cleaned and treated, or
  • Fabric seats shampooed and wet vac’d
  • Plastic trims dressed
  • Odour neutraliser spray to leave a fresh fragrance

More about this package:

Welcome to Medusa Auto Detailing, where magic happens! We are your friendly travellers in car care, an exemplary mobile valeting and detailing company right from the bustling heart of London.

Thinking about a pre-sale spruce up for your trusty ride? Want to dazzle potential buyers with a stunning first impression? Our ‘pre sale car detailing’ service promises just that. And if pristine is what you’re after, pristine is what you’ll get!

Wave goodbye to pesky scratches as well! Yes indeed – no longer will minor accidents need major solutions. With our remarkable SCRATCH REMOVAL prowess at hand, we’ll have your vehicle back to brand new in no time.

Or perhaps it’s nearing end of lease period? Concerned about those additional penalties on wear and tear when handing over the keys? Fret not – because when our ‘end of lease car valet team’ works their magic, every inch of your chariot will relive its breathtaking showroom shine!

With everything delivered swiftly at your doorstep by us – Medusa Auto Detailing – remember: nothing satisfies like cleanliness personified!

We eagerly await casting our polish spell on yonder wheels so make way for brighter journeys ahead!



+ Add-on services

Tailor your wash with these additional services


C Icon

Congestion Zone surcharge


Pet hair cleaning

Pet Hair Removal

We remove all embedded pet-hair with in-depth carpet cleaning


car parts icon 24-07

Soft Top Roof Clean & Reproofing

Clean soft top roof from mould, tree sap & other dirt etc. includes an exterior wash. Removes soiling & stains from natural & synthetic fabrics. Protects & preserves fabric hoods from the effects of water absorption and surface soiling.


Seat Cleaning Icon

Excessive Soiled Interior

If your vehicle is found in state where a deep clean is required, due to the presence of and not limited to: Hair/Fur, Crumbs, Sand, Grass, Dirt/Mud and etc a Deep Clean service is recommended. If unsure our experts will be able to inspect upon arrival and inform in advance.