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We’ve introduced this amazing package to get rid of the harshness of winter and get it ready to GLOW for summer! You won’t believe the transformation!

Exterior clean and decontamination!

Provides a clean slate for optimum bonding of your chosen protection

Hand polish to restore gloss and remove minor oxidation

Restore lost clarity and gloss.

Long lasting protection

Durable protection applied to paintwork, wheels and glass. Protecting all surfaces from the harsh winter road conditions.

Easy clean

Having well protected paintwork makes the removal of road salt and grime much easier during the winter months.


This valet includes the following:

  • Door shuts degreased.
  • Pre-washed with snow foam to help remove service contaminants.
  • Wheels treated with a acid free/safe all surface wheel cleaner.
  • Tyres and arches cleaned.
  • Washed using the 2 bucket method, with a lamsbwool mitt.
  • Tar spot removed.
  • Full paintwork decontamination with ultra fine clay to remove bonded contaminants
    Dried using a microfiber cloth.
  • All paintwork, including door shuts and edges, waxed with Collinite long-life ceramic wax – Up to 12 months protection
  • Wheels sealed with an acrylic sealant or wax as appropriate
  • Exterior glass cleaned, polished and sealed with water repellent
  • Tyres, door seals and exterior trim cleaned and dressed
  • Light vacuum of interior.
  • Dash, centre console cleaned and.



+ Add-on services

Tailor your wash with these additional services


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Congestion Zone surcharge


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Deep interior clean

Upgrade to a deep interior clean


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WHEELUV ™ – Alloy Wheel Protectors

Alloy wheel protection from curb damadge & expensive repairs. Available in 5 colours.