Mobile Valeting & Detailing in London


Medusa Auto Detailing offers professional mobile valeting and detailing services in London. We specialize in convertible soft top cleaning, providing top-notch services to clean and maintain your car’s soft top roof.
Our Specialist cabriolet hood restoration service is a process which restores and protects your soft-top. Cabriolet/Convertible roofs are tough to keep clean and prone to fading. Fabric hoods usually attract mould and moss. Without protection, you can expect an unmaintained convertible hood on a cabriolet to last on average around 6–8 years before it will need replacing. Has your soft top accumulated mould and discoloured? This service will revive your soft top.


Below is a detailed breakdown of the steps we carry out when completing our mobile Convertible Soft Top Cleaning & Reproofing at your home or work.

Exterior Wash

A thorough exterior wash to remove all that loose and stubborn dirt including the bodywork, wheel, and roof. All our Valeters carry all the equipment needed so you don’t need to worry about providing water or electricity!

Mould & Mildew removal

Softly massaging the fabric with specialist brushes and detergents. Your valeter will gently lift and remove and contaminants.


Thoroughly rinsing the fabric will expel all the dirt and leave the hood contaminant free.

Reproofing & Sealant

Using Fabsil soft top fabric sealant, your valeter will make sure every inch of your soft top is completely reproofed and ready for any weather. This fabric sealant ensures that the water absorption is kept to a minimum by creating a hydrophobic layer.

More about this package:

Welcome to Medusa Auto Detailing! Imagining the wind rushing through your hair as you cruise through London in a revitalized convertible? We’re here to make that dream come alive. Our passion is reflected in our unparalleled convertible roof cleaning service, which brightens up the city one soft top at a time.

We love it when we see smiles on our clients’ faces – beaming with joy, cruising around town flaunting their now spotless convertibles. With us rolling right up to your driveway for valeting and detailing tasks, absence of stress is guaranteed,

As a top-tier mobile team based in majestic London, we bring sparkle wherever needed with an exceptional soft top cleaning service. No matter what type of vehicle you own, let us breathe new life into it so every journey feels like the first ride.

Bask joyfully under London’s skies without stressing over dust or grime – wave goodbye to dirt and hello to happiness with Medusa Auto Detailing! Remember, clean Convertibles aren’t just stylish; they are declarations of delight. Buckle Up! Let’s ride this joyful journey together.



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