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Mobile Valeting & Detailing in London



Medusa Auto Detailing provides professional mobile valeting and detailing services in London. Our skilled team specializes in interior car valeting, offering top-notch interior valet services to give your car a perfect clean and shine.


Below is a detailed breakdown of the steps we carry out when completing our mobile interior valet at your home or work.

What’s included


  • Ashtrays and door bins emptied & rubbish removed
  • Detailed interior vacuum
  • General interior vacuum
  • Air vents, buttons & crevices brushed with various detailing brushes
  • Carpets, seats further agitated & hoovered
  • Mats removed, further agitated & hoovered
  • Boot liner further agitated & hoovered
  • Roof lining vacuum
  • Detailed clean of door pockets, sun visors, ashtrays, glovebox & cup holders
  • Detailed interior wipedown
  • Basic interior wipedown
  • Steam clean surfaces
  • Minor stain removal from seats
  • Upholstery seats & mats shampoo + extract
  • Upholstery seats & mats protected
  • Leather interior cleaned
  • Leather interior conditioned & protected
  • Rubber mats cleaned, dried & protected
  • Air vents cleaned with glue gum gel & treated
  • Interior plastics & facias dressed
  • Interior windows & mirror cleaned
  • Air freshener of your choice

More about this package:

Welcome to the radiant world of Medusa Auto Detailing, your mobile beacon of immaculate car care right here in the heart of London. As a gallant explorer on the bustling streets, we invite you to luxuriate in our top-tier Interior Valet Service. 

Surrender those stubborn stains and persistent dust particles by allowing us the pleasure of professionally deep cleaning your vehicle’s interior. Awaken senses with a rejuvenated freshness courtesy of our expert interior car cleaning program that never misses a spot! From cup holders to controls, car seats shampoo to Sanitisation, mats to mirrors – they’ll sparkle like new!

Set misgivings aside while kicking up heels at home or office as we descend upon with high-tech tools and eco-friendly magic potions ready for action. Here comes indulgence redefined as we steam clean every nook and cranny inside your beloved ride.

Be it routine sprucing up or comprehensive cleansing after an adventurous road trip; why settle when you can summon our skilled wizards dedicatedly working towards transforming each ride into its pristine self? Our team lavishes utmost attention promising nothing less than superior interaction through our coveted interior valet.

The legendary charm resides not just outside under glossy paint but also inside under soft upholstery. Dwell amidst cleanliness akin to elegance wrapped around safety as you sit back knowing you’ve entrusted your automobile to experts whose first love is creating gleaming masterpieces out there cruising London’s lanes – that’s commitment from Medusa Auto Detailing serenading all car lovers!


* Excessively dirty cars may incur additional costs.


+ Add-on services

Tailor your wash with these additional services


Seat Cleaning Icon

Excessive Soiled Interior

If your vehicle is found in state where a deep clean is required, due to the presence of and not limited to: Hair/Fur, Crumbs, Sand, Grass, Dirt/Mud and etc a Deep Clean service is recommended. If unsure our experts will be able to inspect upon arrival and inform in advance.


Pet hair cleaning

Pet Hair Removal

We remove all embedded pet-hair with in-depth carpet cleaning.


C Icon

Congestion Zone surchage


Baby Seat Icon

Baby Seat Cleanse

A quick hoover and wipe down of the baby seat.


car parts icon 24-07

Soft Top Roof Clean & Reproofing

Clean soft top roof from mould, tree sap & other dirt etc. includes an exterior wash. Removes soiling & stains from natural & synthetic fabrics. Protects & preserves fabric hoods from the effects of water absorption and surface soiling.


Exterior Wash Icon

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar is a mandatory preparation step to remove contaminants and pollutants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass & fiberglass, leaving your car feeling smooth & revived.


Paint Protection Icon

Fabric & Carpet Repellent

Fabric repellent applied to cloth seats and mats. Creates an impermeable layer over carpets, seats avoiding stains from spills.


Windscreen Repellant

This service is perfect for improving visibility when driving in rainy conditions. The glass coating which is applied to your windows causes water to form beads on your windscreen further assisting your windscreen wipers when driving in the rain. This improves the visibility of the road and therefore helps to keep you safe. Last’s for up to 5 months.


Cleaning Icon

Headliner Deep Clean

The roof of your car in an area which is often missed when cleaning. This area is usually where smells and odours tend to get trapped. Our expert technicians will have your headliner looking clean and smelling fresh.


Sanitisaion Icon

Odour Neutralisation & Ozone treatment

Odour removal chemical applied on carpet, seats, headliner, pillars, seat belts and in ashtrays. In addition 40 Minutes of Ozone treatment machine for air-conditioning system which Effectively removes smoke, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses also improves oxygen level for air and purifies the air.


Seatbelt Icon

Seat Belts Deep Clean

Remove stubborn stains, soil and grime in woven materials such as seat belts. (per per belt)


Spray Bottle Icon

Antibacterial Fogger Sanitiser Bomb

EPA Approved Germ Fogger kills 99% of germs responsible for Cold & Flu, MRSA(Staph), E.Coli, H1N1, Parvovirus, Kennel Cough and many more.


Wet Vac Icon

Seats & Carpet Shampoo

Full interior shampoo & wet vacuum of seats(x5) and mats(x5)