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Wheeluv™ Alloy Wheel Protection

Medusa Auto Detailing are Specialist Installers of WHEELUV Alloy Wheel Protection

WHEELUV Alloy Wheel Protector Set £159

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Helps protect your alloy wheels
Easy to use with run flat tyres
Discreet & stylish
Colours remain stable
OEM quality standards
Won’t damage your wheels
Loves diamond cut wheels
Tyre change compatible

Why WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection?

We believe that protecting your vehicle should be possible without compromising its original appearance. With clever design, robust protection and discreet looks you’re in good hands.

Save money

WHEELUV™ shrugs off impacts with kerbs when parking your car, lessening the risk of wheel damage and helping save you the cost and time wheel repair or replacement.

Protect wheel appearance

WHEELUV™ alloy wheel protectors are a winning combination of robust protection & discreet styling, maintaining the original look of your car.


We don’t pull any punches and neither do our products. WHEELUV™ wheel rim protection is built to withstand the elements and is backed with a 1 year guarantee.

Robust wheel protection

WHEELUV™ are proven to reduce the risk of wheel damage during an impact with the kerb. Injection moulded from impact modified polymers, they are perfectly curved to match the radius of the wheel. Don’t take our word for it… the same polymers are used to dampen impacts in train buffers, where huge forces are involved.

No impact on handling

Pro-Align (experts in wheel alignment equipment) concluded that WHEELUV™ does not affect vehicle wheel balance. Tests were carried out using Hunter wheel balancing machines, which are accepted as the gold standard by most vehicle manufacturers. And because the protectors do not insert between the wheel and tyre, there is absolutely zero tyre pressure impact.

Materials proven to last

The specially formulated pigments that provide the depth of colour needed to blend with wheel finishes are guarantee not to fade. Intertek Quality Assurance experts subjected WHEELUV™ to 5 year accelerated ageing tests, including Xenon Arc Weather conditions. All components have been compatibility tested to withstand fuel, oil, brake fluid, all major types of wheel cleaners, acids, bases and other workshop products to ensure colour and functionality are unaffected.

WHEELUV™ are designed to

Fit easily and cleanly to car alloy wheels with an automotive 3M VHB adhesive tape – just visit one of our professional installers.

Reduce or eliminate damage to the wheels from light and non-sustained low speed impacts with kerbs when parking.

Improve the appearance of alloy wheels by covering minor damage on the wheel rim.

Enhance the external appearance of the vehicle by adding a coloured, visual styling aspect.

Keep the same colour through impacts and cleaning.

Make your car go faster – especially the red ones. We joke, of course.

WHEELUV™ are not designed to

Guarantee that no damage will happen as a result of kerb damage to a wheel after fitting wheel protectors or protect areas not covered by the protector.

Remain on the wheel through every single impact as the product is sacrificial and may need to be replaced.

Protect against high speed, high energy and prolonged impacts.