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At Medusa we believe that wheel refurbishment is an essential part of the detailing process which contributes to the overall appearance of the vehicle. your investment in a beautifully detailed car is devalued by wheels which are aged or damaged.

But not all refurbishments are the same. A main dealer may offer you a ‘refurbishment’ service. These are typically a SMART repair to the wheel face only. A mobile SMART repair may appear cheap and a quick fix, but the process is just a surface repair rather than a full back to bare metal restoration. As such, the paint and lacquer will deteriorate at a faster rate than a full refurbishment.

There are also major differences between the companies that offer a full, back to bare metal refurbishment – the processes are broadly similar but it is the quality of materials, the equipment used, the skills and experience of the staff and the quality controls adopted that differentiate the excellent from the average. Our refurbishment partner utilises state-of-the-art processes, stringent quality control and excellent customer service built up over 20 years.

Our refurbishment process is more comprehensive and involves more processes than other refurbishers. For diamond cut wheels our supplier uses both a powder coat primer and a wet coat top coat before undertaking the diamond cut and applying the lacquer. The wheel goes through an oven to cure the coating, this process produces a high quality durable finish that is guaranteed for 12 months (most refurbishers only guarantee a diamond cut wheel for six months or provide no guarantee at all). All of our refurbished wheels exceed OEM standard finishes.

As the wheels are a key feature contributing to the overall appearance of a car we take the time to discuss with our clients the look they want to achieve. We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes and are keen to explore different options with you and answer any questions you may have.