Medusa Auto Detailing understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle to a standard you are proud of week in and week out, whilst extending the life of your car and preserving as much residual value as possible for potential resale or lease return.
We believe in only the best care for your vehicle, for this reason we have put together a maintenance scheme for those who want their car looked after on a regular basis by our team of experts. In our professional opinion all cars should be cared for using safe wash methods and with a high level of protection.

We have devised a flexible care plan to ensure your vehicle receives the right level of attention all year round, depending on how often you choose to have your car maintained.

Step 1. Qualification

To be eligible for a Medusa Care Plan, you must initially book for a Zeus – Silver Valet+,  or any of our detailing services. The outcome achieved following this service, will form the benchmark in which we are setting for your vehicle(s) to be maintained moving forward. 

Step 2. Interval options

We will agree with you an optimum frequency for maintaining your vehicle, based on your requirements. The longer you leave between each valet will determine how much time is required to be spent on the vehicle, in order to revert it back to the standard initially set. You can choose between every 2-4 weeks, 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks.

2-4 Weeks

Small Car -£45
Medium Car -£55
Large Car – £60
XL Car – £65

4-6 Weeks

Small Car -£55
Medium Car -£60
Large Car – £65
XL Car – £70

6-8 Weeks

Small Car – £60
Medium Car -£70
Large Car – £75
XL Car – £85

Step 3. Scheduling your bookings

Following completion of your valet, we will provide a code for your next booking, in line with your chosen frequency for maintenance which can be used on the online booking platform to schedule according to your availability. 

If you need to rearrange your booking, we require a minimum of 48 hour’s notice. We will endeavour to re-book your care plan valet within your agreed schedule. 

​Payments will be taken on a direct debit basis depending on frequency you have chosen which can be cancelled at any time without a charge.

*Excessive pet hair and excessive soiling may be subject to an additional charge.