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What Is Paint Correction & Do You Need It?

With the large number of vehicle-detailing methods and services today, getting your vehicle to shine has never been easier. An hour at a car valeting shop can turn your old beater of a vehicle into gleaming condition. But within the influx of techniques out there, there’s also the art of paint correction.

So, what is paint correction, and do you need it? Find out below:

Does Paint Correction Remove Scratches?

Yes, it does. Paint correction is a detailing method that removes all of the scratches on your vehicle’s body paint. This method works by smoothing out your car’s body paint layer. This is the layer of paint on top of your car’s body panels. It is the layer that gets scratched out with all the imperfections.

All the scratches will be reduced once the auto detailer levels them out. Now, depending on how bad the scratches are, this will reduce the thickness of the body paint layer. The result is that you lose up to 85% of your vehicles scratches, holograms, spots and minor oxidations.

This can make it shine like no other.

Is Polishing and Paint Correction the Same?

No, these are two different processes with the same goal. Polishing is when abrasive chemicals are used to level out smaller scratches and contaminations on your paint job. Paint correction on the other hand is a strenuous one-off treatment that results in your vehicle’s clear coat becoming thinner.

Polishing is also done along with two different processes: buffing and waxing. After buffing, the car is polished, and then waxed for sealing the paint. This can be a simple procedure done after your regular car wash and it isn’t a luxury like correcting paint.

Paint correction is a lengthy procedure that requires your car to be completely decontaminated, then polished, and freed of any sealants. After this, it is thoroughly checked for the damages on the paintwork. Different scratches will require their own levels of attention and solutions.

How Long Does Paint Correction Last?

This depends on you and the conditions your car is subjected to. If you use safe wash techniques on your vehicle to keep it clean, then it can last for very long (even 5 years). Also, the more a car is used, the more likely it is to be scratched up in comparison to a vehicle that just sits in its owner’s garage.

Is A Paint Correction Worth It?

Paint correction does have several advantages. The first one is obviously that it will make your car look great. Darker coloured vehicles will look and shine even better after a paint correction. Other than that, it greatly maintains your car’s resale value.

However, it is important to know that a great paint correction job can be pricey. This is simply due to the long hours (or days) that one can take. You’ll also have to take good care of the car to maintain it. Sometimes, a paintjob may be so neglected and ruined that only a repaint can get the job done.

So, if you don’t see your vehicle more than a tool to take you from A to B, or are on a strict budget, it’s better to go for another detailing method. Otherwise, you should know that a paint correction job will be completely worth the time when your car is transformed into a thing of beauty.

How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

A paint correction job from a renowned detailer can cost a couple of hundred pounds depending on the size of the vehicle. To know more, reach out to the finest mobile car valeting service in London – Medusa Auto Detailing.

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