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6 Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Your Car

Pets are some of the best companions that one can have. This is one of the reasons why we take them out in our vehicles for trips. But whether you’re taking out your furry friend(s) for an excursion, or to the vet, one thing is certain to be found: pet hair.

These hairs are not only a nuisance and make your vehicle untidy. But they can also be hazardous to your health. This is why it is essential to get rid of them from your interior and upholstery. There are several ways to do this and to prevent them altogether.

Coming up are 6 ways to remove pet hair from your car.

Remove Pet Hair from Your Car

The following are 6 of the best methods for removing pet hair from your car:

1.      Rubber Gloves

This is one of the most primitive ways of removing fur from your car. Gloves are an excellent way to remove pet hair without letting it touch you. All you need is a pair of standard rubber gloves that are used in medical facilities or for cleaning applications.

Then you just simply put them on and collect the hair by wiping your hands over the seats and carpets. Ensure that you do this in just one direction so as to prevent the hair from spreading out even more. For the more stubborn hairs, you can dampen the gloves to make use of the moisture for extra grip.

2.      Duct Tape

This is another easy way to remove dog hair or any type of pet hair. Duct tape is very easy to find and you can simply wrap the non-sticky side of it around your hand. When you’ve got the adhesive side out, you can just press it on any patches of hair that you can find.

The hair will stick to the tape and you can dispose of the used tape when you’re done. Of course, you’ll have to change the tape as you go further. This is to ensure that the process remains effective because the tape’s adhesiveness gets used up as more hair are added to it.

3.      Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s another conventional method of removing pet hair from your car. You can use your standard vacuum cleaner for this (the one that you use inside your home). Or, you can get a strong suction hand-held vacuum cleaner for this task alone.

Both will do just fine albeit the latter may be easier to use. Simply turn on the vacuum cleaner and apply it on all the surfaces of interest. When you’re done, you can dump out the hair collected by emptying the cleaner’s bag. This method is easy and you can also get rid of any dirt, dust, and bits of trash with it.

4.      Inflated Balloon

Now this one may be a new one to you but it is quite an effective pet hair removal method. This method utilizes high school physics to a greater extent. All you have to do is get a balloon and inflate it. Then, you just rub it over the surfaces that you want to be cleaned.

The result? Believe it or not, the pet hair will stick to the balloon’s surface and you can get rid of the balloon afterwards. This is simply due to the concept of static electricity which attracts the hair to the balloon. It won’t get rid of all the strands of pet hair though; you may have to use another method then.

5.      Pumice Stone

You can also use a pumice stone for pet hair removal. This is a tool used for skin car as dead skin can stick to its rough surface. It is also a good choice for removing fur from your cabin if it is compatible with the type of upholstery you’ve got. It is best if you use it in conjunction with a fabric softener solution.

You can spray the stone with the aforementioned solution and wipe it on the area with hair. Ensure that you wipe it only in one direction otherwise the hair can be spread out even further. You can dip the stone in a container of water (a bucket will do) to remove the hair from it.

6.      Wire Brush

There’s nothing that a wire brush cannot clean up. This is a brush with sharp bristles that are wires for a sharper point of contact. You are recommended to use this when you’re done with one of the methods done above. Otherwise, you can just use this method during the entire process.

Preventing Dog Hair and Pet Hair in The Car

Let’s say that you’re done with the pet hair cleaning process. Your pet will just shed hair again, putting your efforts to no good. This is why you need to prevent pet hair from accumulating in the first place.

The following methods are some easy ways to protect your interior from pet hair:

Seat Covers

Probably the easiest way to prevent pet hair is to use covers. Now, you’ve already probably got seat covers so remember, these are special pet seat covers. You can get one of these temporary seat-covers or a hammock that you can use whenever your pet is travelling with you.

Your pet can leave all the hairs they want and your seats will still be spotless underneath. Then you’ll just remove it from the seat when the trip is over. You can clean the cover after a while which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Pet Grooming

Now, you should do this regardless of whether you have a car or whether or not your pets travel in it. Getting your pet’s hair trimmed regularly is recommended to prevent nots and discomfort. Other than that, you must always keep your pet’s hair brushed.

Brushing regularly will get rid of all your pet’s loose hair before they enter your vehicle. It is also good for the pet’s hair because it keeps the pet’s skin healthy and removes dirt and debris.

Pet Harnesses

There’s no surprise that the lesser your pet moves around, the lesser hair will be shed. This is why you should keep your pet fastened. You can use a pet harness or a crate to keep your furry friend in one place.

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