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What’s The Difference Between a Hand Car Wash and A Professional Car Valet?

A clean car is a must have no matter what you do or where you live. It not only looks better, but it’ll perform better as well. However, there are many forms of car care out there. There’s obviously the centuries’ old hand car wash that you can do by yourself.

Nowadays, automotive detailing is what all the hype’s about. A part of car valeting, it is the most popular choice amongst car wash services today. But if it also gives you a clean car, how exactly is it difficult from regular hand washing?

The following’s all you need to know:

The Disadvantages of Hand Car Washing vs Valeting

Hand car washing was preferred in contrast to automatic car washes due to a better attention to detailing. However, vehicle valeting is now considered better for quality and vehicle resale purposes. You essentially get a full-service car wash that cleans your vehicle inside and out.

Here’s how a cheap hand car wash can be a trap:

û  Harmful Chemicals

However, hand car washers tend to use cheaper, yet more harmful chemicals, aka TFRs. They clean well, but they also end up damaging your car’s paint overtime. These chemicals will also adversely affect your car’s trim; all of the plastic and chrome materials. The car will lose colour and gain more scratches.

û  Unclean Water

Hand washers also tend to save money on the water that they use. They’ll use the same bucket to death without replacing the water in it. This means that your car could be getting cleaned with the same water that they used to wash a dozen previous cars.

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What’s The Difference Between a Hand Car Wash and A Professional Car Valet? – 5 Things

We’ve covered how a hand-wash can be bad for your vehicle. However, it can still at least keep your vehicle clean as far as vanity is concerned. So, how exactly can valeting and auto detailing be better for your car? Here’s how:

1.      Higher Quality Washes

There’s a multitude of reasons why auto detailers are taking over. For starters, they have better car washing and cleaning techniques. They can get to every crevice of your vehicle and make it spotless. Professional auto detailing and valeting services tend to take their time.

A simple valet or detail job can take from one to a couple of hours. This means that they’ll clean out the debris, tree sap, grime, grease and tar from places you didn’t even know existed! They’ll first do a prewash to break everything down and will clean one panel at a time.

They’ll also change the water used several times and properly allow the shampoo to dry. The better car wash and detailing techniques will prevent any swirl marks, scratches, and water spots from showing.

2.      Better Detailing Products Used

Quality products are one of the main reasons car valeting gets you such good detail. Better car care products include chemicals that have the right pH values, and won’t damage your car’s paint sealant. Also included are microfiber towels which are better than the terrible sponges use by hand car washers.

Other than the car wash equipment and products, the quality of the wax used is also astounding. These waxes can be very expensive but for good reason. Unlike the silicone-based ones used in hand car washes, these auto detailing supplies actually offer protection to your vehicle.

3.      Finer Interior Detailing

A cleaned car is one that’s spotless both inside and out. Hand car washes will give you a wash and wax along with wipe downs and vacuuming. However, your upholstery is much more worthy of a deep-clean valeting service. Leather cleaning is a job of its own and should be done professionally.

The same goes for your interior’s carpets, as a good carpet shampoo can do wonders. A proper valeting service can clear out everything from the most stubborn stain to every bit of pet hair in the car. Contaminant and odour removal are two more services you can find.

4.      More Services Offered

Another reason to choose a detailing business over a hand car wash is the sheer number of services offered. You can have it all from a simple wash, and tire dressing; to a complete detailing package. The common denominator between the two is that both the jobs will be done with perfection.

5.      Superior Customer Service – Mobile Auto Detailing

Finally, the customer service and the experience also matter a lot. Unlike a hand car wash where you’re done in just 5 minutes, you get treated like royalty during the valeting process. Not only will the company’s representatives know what they’re dealing with, but they can also make your life easier.

Mobile car valeting aka mobile detailing is the future. It involves the mobile car valet providing you with a full-service car wash in your garage. They’ll bring their own car wash equipment and will detail your car while you chill in your living room.

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