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Whilst car washes are a great way to regularly clean your car they can damage your vehicle.

Although local car washes tend to be cheap and quick and on the surface seem to get the job done, you end up getting what you paid for which is a haphazard job with low quality cleaning products so getting a professional car wash with high quality products can make all the difference.

The average local car wash charges you £10 to £15 and spends only 20 to 30 minutes doing what they term as “in and out”, but when you bring your car to us for a Maintenance Detail, we charge you 60 for a 2.5-hour job on your vehicle. This shows that you are paying the same amount per hour, but you are giving more care to your car with a Maintenance Detail.

The most important point of a Maintenance Detail is to give your car the highest level of cleaning both exterior and interior.

Local car washes tend to use cheaper harsher chemicals which may result in temporary shine but end up ruining the paint and exterior of your vehicle.


Reasons to Avoid a Local Car Wash

Chemical products on wheels: when you take your car to a local car wash, your wheels will be hot. Using chemical products on hot wheels causes them to immediately evaporate the water and absorb the chemical in the solution, which is harmful to your brakes and calipers.

Continuous use of dirty water: by the time you arrive at a local car wash to clean your car, chances are that you meet them washing another vehicle. How this affects you is that they use the same water used for previous vehicles for your own car. This gives room for transferring dirt of earlier vehicles to your car.

Use of harsh sponge: most local car washes use traditional yellow sponges, which are harmful to your car paint. They use these sponges to clean dirt easily and quickly. However, this has a negative effect on your vehicle, as the hard surface of these strong sponges creates scratches on your paint. This is why you always notice fine marks on dark vehicles.

However, when you take your car for a Maintenance Detail, you can rest assured that your paint won’t sustain scratches, as we only use lamb wool wash mitts for cleaning vehicles. Also, the products used for maintenance Detail are gentle products that will cause no harm on your vehicle.

The same sponge all day: one reason to shun taking your car to a local car wash is that they use the same sponge for all vehicles throughout the day. Some local car washes even go to the extent of using the same set of sponges throughout a week. Considering this, you will be wary of taking your vehicle to them.

Harmful drying technique: when a local car wash is through washing your car, the next thing they do is drying the vehicle. One big mistake they make here is using drying blades. Using this method drags the remaining small particles on your car, which can result in scratches. These scratches can be deep that they are evident.

Temporary shine: while your aim for taking your car to these car washes is to remove dirt and give your vehicle a clean look, local car washes do not have this same goal. All they focus on is to let the car look clean when you are still with them. As such, they go for chemicals that only give your vehicle a temporary shine without removing the dirt. With this, your car will start showing the hidden dirt minutes later. This is why you often wonder why your vehicle quickly gets dirty, not long after coming back from the car wash.

Why You Should Choose a Maintenance Detail 

Maintenance detail is far way better than using a local car wash, as the former ensures that you are giving your car the best care it needs.

A maintenance detail will give your vehicle a much higher level of clean using gentle products that will care for your car rather than damage it.

Which brings us to the point of choosing the right valet team, and that can make all the difference. That’s where we come in to help.

Medusa Auto Detailing is a professional auto detailing company to give your vehicle the best maintenance detail it needs

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